“86 Jersey” by Abbie Leavens

86 Jersey

By: Abbie Leavens
Girls know how to do that—
Flaunt their breasts
through their blouses,
learn how to smile,
how to sexy-scowl
at the Neanderthal
with the number 86 Jersey.
He is staked, a little sweaty.
His handprint, a coaster
for the next Bud Light bottle.
When he leaves for the bathroom to piss of his night
he shoots you a look like
you’d better not leave without me,
but you do.
This isn’t a happy ending, small town.
You know he has your number.
You know you answer every time.

“The Ash Grove” by Daisy Wallace

The Ash Grove

By: Daisy Wallace

The ash grove we planted is still there;

Dirt under our nails, cricks in our backs, but

We planted all thoserows of trees that day.

They have grown tall with thick, rough, trunks.

The diamonds in the bark are all but gone,

the ridges so deep.

The Tin Lizze is still rusting in the tall grass, but

In a month, a man will come, take it to his garage,

Sand it down,

Rebuild the engine, and the rest.

I’m sorry, but

He will not paint it the pearl violet you always loved.