“Who Are We?” by Deion Diaz, Senior at Forest City High School

Who Are We?

By Deion Diaz
2014 High School Contest Winner in Poetry

They got me thinking it’s

the home of the brave,

But I’m sitting here feeling

just like a slave.

People seem to say Hey, that’s just society

I’m thinking Yo, that’s just propriety

They got me thinking that that’s

how it’s supposed to be.

I think that’s bull: Why can’t I be who I want to be?

We’re all living life like there’s only one chance but

you’re living life like you’re just like a cat.

You got nine lives? I doubt it.

So don’t complain to me about it.


“Salt Water Snapshot” by Abbie J. Bergdale

Salt Water Snapshot

By Abbie J. Bergdale

You smile and pose, teetered
on the edge of the wall. You feign
the fall and what if you had?
I’m not sure how far you’d drop, but sister,
I can’t see bottom.
What is beauty without risk? A country who sold
the last military plane to the states on
a bucket of faith.
Even the tide, wild and blue, slows against the stone.
How do you measure bravery? One small town girl,
four toes gripping the edge: balanced
between alone and alone.