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Call for Submission


Please limit submissions to five, and please limit any prose submissions to 3,000 words maximum.

Annual Salveson Prizes in poetry, prose, and art including cash awards.


Come join us for a fun night of poetry, music, stories, art & more.
All are welcome and encouraged to share your creative works.

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Hope to see you all there!


Poetry – Salveson Prize Spring 2014


By Barbara Lange

I saw five wild

turkeys in a frozen field,

scratching icy clods of dirt,

meandering through broken

stalks of last season’s corn. Unaware Continue reading

Fiction – Salveson Prize Spring 2014

“Battle of the Pink Balloons”

By Desiree Diaz

Emma leans back in the corner of the booth, tapping her manicured nails on the edge of the Formica table, gazing at her reflection in the tinted window to her left. A few minutes pass, and she turns her attention to the woman sitting across from her, who has recently turned sixty. The old woman has dull gray hair, green eyes framed in wrinkles, and lines around her mouth. But it isn’t the gray hair that bothers Emma─ neither the crow’s feet, nor the laugh lines─it’s the flat-chested figure. Continue reading

Art and Photography

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